Item ICEQ280: Ice Machine 280 Series      Item ICEQ420: Ice Machine 420 Series
Item ICEQ1800: Ice Machine 1800 Series      Item QPA410: Ice Dispenser
Item QPA310: Ice Bagger      Ice Bags

Ice Machine 280 Series
Item No. ICEQ280:
The Q-Model Series 280 offers even more value and realizes a greater competitive advantage. The Series 280 has greater ice production - up to 28% more for air-cooled models and 11% more for water cooled models. Series 280 produces up to 290 pounds (132 kgs.) of ice daily, and measures 41.50" (74.93cm) Hight, 30" (76.20 cm) wide and 29.50" (75.93 cm) deep on S-170 ice storage bin. S-170 bin provides 150 poungs (68.1 kgs.) of ice storage capacity.





Ice Machine Series 420
Item No. ICEQ420:
The 420 Series has the same 22" (55.88 cm) width dimension as series 320, but features increased ice making capability and size storage capacity. Series 420 produces up to 530 pounds (241 kgs) of ice daily and the S-420 ice storage bin holds 310 pounds (140.7 kgs.) The Q-420 ice machine with S-240 storage bin measures 76.50" (194.31 cm) high, 34" (86.30 cm) deep on 6" (15.24 cm) adjustable bin legs. 22" (55.88 cm) wide ice machines can be used on 30" (76.2 cm) wide ice storage bins and floor-standing dispensers by using the appropriate adapter. Series 420 ice machines do not have stack-on capability.


Ice Machine 1800 Series
Item No. ICEQ1800:
The 1800 Series ice machines is ideal for fast-food outlets, full-service restaurants, institutional kitchens, cafeterias, and other food service operations requiring continuous high-volume productions. Series 1300 produces up to 1,370 pounds (622 kgs) of ice daily. Stack-on capability double daily ice production to 2,740 pounds (1,244 kgs.) in the same floor space. Single series 1300 ice machine on S-970 storage bin is 48.00" (121.92 cm) high on 6.00" (15.24 cm) adjustable bin legs. Remote condenser systems are available.




Push Button n/c)
Ice Dispenser
Item No. QPA310:
QPA310 ice dispenser is designed to provide guest ice in hotels, motels, and resorts and is the industry's #1 choice for self-service ice dispensing. Patented "push for ice" rocking chute dispenses mechanism reduces in-flight ice and ice spillage with quick/off activation. Efficient built in alligator assure 100% ice dispensing. QPA-310 is 30" (76.20 cm) wide, 32" (81.28 cm) deep, and 82" (208.28 cm) high, on 6" (15.24 cm) adjustable legs and fits beneath a 7' (213 cm) ceiling. Dispenser offers 180 pounds of (82 kgs.) of ice storage capacity and accepts an ice container up to 11" (927.94 cm) in height. Room-Key and coin-activated dispenser operation is optional. 25 cent vend is standard coin-op model. Quantity discount

(Coin Op)

Ice Dispenser w/Coin Op
Item No. QPA310 Coin Op

Quantity discount


Convenient Ice Bagger
Item No. BAG250:
Maximize profits from bagged ice sales with this convenient accessory. Ideal for all bagged-ice retailers, this sturdy unit rests on the bin doorframe and adapts for left or right side filling. Ruggedly constructed from stainless steel, the bagger assembly consists of bagger, wicket of 250 bags, and twist ties. Bags measure 11" x 18½" (27.94 x 46.99 cm) and holds 8 pounds (3.6 kgs.) of ice. Replacement bag kit consists of 4 wickets of 250 bags, and 1,000 twist ties.


Bags for Ice Bagger No. BAG250:
1,000 bags


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