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Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

Genesis Series
Clearly Aqua Slim Line
Countertop R.O.'s
Economy Systems
Portable, Apt., & RV R.O.'s
Unassembled R.O. Kits

Filters & Filter Housings 
Pumps & Motors 
Tanks & UV Lights 
Membranes & Housings 
Faucets & Shower Filters
Meters, Gauges, Valves
Jaco, John Guest Parts

Water Coolers
Vertex Water Coolers
Dual Temp (room & cold)
Tri Temp (room, cold, hot)
   w/ or w/o R.O.


Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

250 to 50,000 gpd
Compact II w/Pump
Frame Mount w/Pump
R.O. Filtration Station
Light Commercial w/o Pump

Filtration Systems
Whole House
Multimedia Units
Carbon Filter Systems
Emergency Filtration
Filtration w/Flow Meter

Water Softeners
Anti-Scaling Filtration Units

Other Products
Water Vending Machines
Ice Machines

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